What is Terrestrious?

Terrestrious is a mobile app that promotes sustainability through gaming and gamification. With Terrestrious you are the hero against climate change. Level up and earn in-game points for making a positive environmental impact IRL! Terrestrious turns cities and towns into maps for of sustaiaility themed missions and quests. Take on environmental issues through...

Climate Change may be the final boss, but we can defeat it together!

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Who We Are

Here at the Terrestrious Team, we are just a ragtag group of Young Professionals from various backgrounds, just trying to do our part to take care of the earth. Just like the idea behind Terrestrious Platform is for people to apply their diverse sets of skills to solving environmental problems, we decided to apply our Computer Science, Engineering, and Business Backgrounds into the entrepreneurial venture we call Terrestrious.


Joseph Casebeer

CEO, Founder

Joseph Casebeer has a background in Computer Engineering. Joseph likes getting his hands dirty when it comes to technology projects, he has experience with robotics, web design, and mobile applications. Joseph wants to combat climate change, because he lived in many places steeped in natural beauty, and wishes to protect places with such biodiversity in the future.


Masaki Murao

CFO, Co-Founder

Masaki Murao is a Business Management Student at Keio University, one of the top universities in Japan. Masaki has extensive startup experience, starting dance event company, and a promotional video company before he was 23. As a Japanese citizen he wants to fight global warming to keep the islands from disappearing due to sea level rise.


Hikari Motoishi

Business Management

Hikari is an ambitious student from University of Washington Tacoma's accounting department. In addition to her interest in corporate finance in accounting, Hikari has a flare for solving puzzles that makes her notice details that escape other people. Hikari joined Terrestrious because she cares about nature, and wants to preserve our natural world for future generations to enjoy.